Why we do it:

We love helping people be even more awesome at their unique jobs.

Rather than simply giving  our clients a library of information to dig through themselves, Zymewire is like the librarian. You ask the librarian to assemble resources for you and provide a summary of multiple different sources. You don’t care how the librarian retrieved all the information - you just know you need something and you aren’t interested in doing all the investigative work on your own.

We’re here to help people’s work lives easier, more rewarding and less tedious, so they can direct their energy towards building relationships and closing deals. Many of our clients take Zymewire with them as they move to new companies, and we hear all the time that they’d be lost without it! We’re the gals and guys behind the curtain giving our clients all of the info they need to stand in the spotlight. 

Read this letter for an example of the kind of relationships we’re proud to build with our clients:

How we work:

Unlike VC-fuelled tech companies out there, we've built our bootstrapped business on pure customer investment.
Being bootstrapped means that our future rests entirely in the hands of the people who work here. Team members share ideas that help shape the direction of the company at every level of the organization, and we believe that challenges are best solved in collaboration with others. We use agile processes and our engineering team works closely with our customer success team to inform product decisions. We encourage and value regular feedback from our customers, as it's often their ideas and suggestions that drive the evolution of our product.
We're a hybrid team. That means that some of our team members work in-office at our Toronto HQ three days per week (we all work from home on Mondays & Wednesdays), while others work remotely from their home offices 100% of the time. We live in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa), the UK (England, Scotland) and Latin America (Costa Rica, Brazil). We like to travel (recent all-company retreats were held in Portugal, Iceland and Bermuda) and we like building stuff (not just tech stuff, wait til you see our phone booths). We're curious, kinda nerdy, and really into conversations about food. We bring our whole selves to work, and we celebrate and learn from each other's unique differences. This isn't the kind of place where you'll be working late to meet deadlines - we prioritize our mental health and work-life balance.

Check out our guiding principles to learn more about what’s important to us and how we contribute to the success of the company.

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