Explore Abroad

Work remotely in any country in the world for one month per year.

Zymewire’s optional ZWork Abroad program invites team members to continue their regular work in another city or country for up to four consecutive weeks per year.

As a growing company that is deeply committed to growing the people within it, this program offers the chance for individuals to enrich their lives by experiencing a different home and work environment than that which they’re accustomed to in their day-to-day at the office.

Rewards For Learning

Gain bonus paid vacation days for learning new skills.

Our UpSmart program supports continuous learning by providing a $1000 allowance for Zymers to use towards relevant online or in-person courses.

Each completed course is rewarded with two bonus paid vacation days, and there’s no limit to the number of extra days you can earn.


Earn yourself some equity.

Unlike VC-fuelled tech companies out there, we've built our bootstrapped business on pure customer investment. Being bootstrapped gives us the freedom to think unconventionally about employee equity. Our merit-based options program rewards achievement, instead of hiring incentives.

Employee options make up 20% of the value of the company at all times.

Employee Giving Program

Support the causes that are important to you.

Make financial contributions to charities or non-profit organizations that are personally meaningful. Zymewire provides each employee with an annual giving stipend of $1000.

Annual Retreat

Join us overseas for an all-team retreat when we reach our goals.

As a group of travel-lovers who work hard throughout the year, we celebrate the achievement of our goals with a team retreat in an exotic location. Previous destinations include Bermuda and Iceland - we hope you’ll join us for our next adventure!


Lumerate is a pet-friendly workplace

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